Saturday, December 28, 2013

12/23/13 & 12/28/13

As it says in the scriptures, we are supposed to take upon ourselves the name of Christ at all times.
On p-day last week when we were done playing pool at the college we talked to one of the student staff members at the "rec area." We invited him to church and he said that he would be there. He did not show but the only reason he didnt come this week was because they changed his work schedule and ended up having to go in that Sunday. Just as we did, it is very simple for anyone (not just missionaries) to casually invite people to come to church or whatever it may be. You never know the response that you might get!


We got to talk to Elder Ashcroft Christmas Day. It was such a joy that family could be there to say HI. We are so proud of him. He has grown into a man in just 10 months. We couldn't ask for him to have a better experience. We asked if he was home sick and his response was, "no I don't have time to be, plus I have great ward families here." He got to spend Christmas with a few of these families and there kids. One of Andy's biggest loves is his little cousins and he feels like he has that in these families. His biggest struggle when he first went out was being homesick. It is such a blessing to here that isn't the case anymore. Thank you for all the love, prayers and support for our Elder.

Friday, December 20, 2013


This week we had an a lesson with Amy Rodenbaugh, she is another investigator that God gave me. I believe God gave me his eyes for I have such a love for her and her family. I am very grateful that the Lord allowed me to stay here another transfer so I may be the instrument in the Lords hands unto bringing salvation unto her and her family. In the lesson she said to us, "every time I think about letting off on learning I get depressed." She has already read the entire Book of Mormon. The Lord has prepared her for this time, and I know it also as I can feel the love that he has for her and her family as his children.
Elder Ashcroft 

Thursday, December 12, 2013


We found out Tuesday in Zone Conference we will be getting personalized iPad mini's fully equipped with online proselyting (Facebook.) They said it will be late Spring when they come. The will have our planners, scriptures, ensigns, conference talks, all church websites and everything else that we can think of that we would need for our work including the area book. They will automatically update when transferred. Also, our music policy has been loosened up. We can now listen to anything that invites the spirit in, not just Hymns. In the interview I had with President he told me how great it has been to see the strides I've made in the last 9 months. That was really AWESOME to here!
As for the weather we finally hit into the 2 digit numbers on the positive side. Unlike all last week it's been singles in the negatives. It seems to be warming up some now, that's good. The snow removal here is really different....hahaha. They use a construction machine to pick all the snow after the blade and plows push the snow into the middle of the streets. Then they haul it out of town. We still have to work until the temperature hit -30 degrees. That's our limit for being allowed to go outside at all!
Wednesday, we are going to be teaching Amy. Its just here this time but hopefully her kids will be able to make it soon. I have mentioned her and her family before. She lives in Harrison and has been watching members examples. These members told her she should read the Book of Mormon. So she did! We got a referral for her and  she requested another Book of Mormon for her daughter, Madeline. Then, one Sunday Amy, Madeline, Connor and Rex showed up to church with the members that they had been watching. She called on Thursday last week and scheduled a time to take the lessons. I am SOO excited I can't wait!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

12/2/13 Baptism #1

Baptism #1
Laura (Elizabeth) Fiduccia 
Baptized on 11/30/2013
by: Elder Ashcroft
Confirmed on 12/1/2013
by: Elder Ashcroft
Companion: Elder Raffensparger
I have given SOO many blessings while on my mission but Sunday, when I was confirming Elizabeth my leg started shaking and wouldn't stop. Then the 2nd one started to do it also!! I had Laura stay in the water after I baptized her and told her to think about how she felt. After we got dressed I asked her about it. She said she almost cried and that she couldn't even explain the feeling.
It was over all a great experience!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


This week when we taught Laura the "Word of Wisdom" during the lesson I got the prompting to ask her if she understood the purpose of the sacrament. She hadn't known, so we explained to her what it was for. After, I let her know she had just witnessed the Holy Ghost. I told her, "he prompted me to ask that question. That is one of the things the Holy Ghost can do for you after your are baptized." 
We will be teaching Laura the last lesson she needs to go through before baptism this Wednesday. The District Leader will be interviewing her Friday to see if she is ready to be baptized and her baptism will be on Saturday. They asked to do the Baptism and Confirmation! I should be able a picture of the baptism Saturday after the baptism.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


The work was really slow this week we were only able to get one lesson in.
The people just didnt want to talk to the missionaries I guess. hahaha...or maybe it's because of the deer hunt! The new mission news, transfers were this weekend. My new companion is Elder Raffensparger. He has been out for 4.5 months. Before he came here, he was serving in Bemidji MN.
We are off to a pretty good start!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sorry for any confusion

I think there was some confusion when with Elder Ashcroft's
new companion, Elder Raffensparger, on the last blog.
Andy will be the senior companion over him not the other way around.
I wanted to clear that up because this is a big step for him to
show how far he has come. 
We are so proud of our Elder for sticking to it and know
his work is greatly needed out there.
Thank you for keeping him in your prayers. We appreciate you all!
Love The Ashcroft Family

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


For the mission news this week....
  • Laura came to church this Sunday for the second time, which was awesome. She is still on date for baptism. She has even given up coffee and her nightly martini. She is completly different from the first time that we met with her!
  • A family of 14, Less Actives showed up at church randomly! By "family of 14" I mean a few different families but all relatives. Everyone is related here. If your a Gillams, Huggets, Degunia's or Olson then your related somehow. The President told us their probably not so hopeful but it is still good they came. 
  • Elder Camp, my companion has been transferred to Bismark, ND and I will be with Elder Raffensparger as the Senior Companion. Can't wait to meet him on Wednesday!
  • We should be meeting with the family that showed up last week after the 14th of the month sometime. Prayers with this one.
As for the rest of the week, a little basketball with the Branch President before Elder Camp goes. And to answer a everyone's question about the snow. Haven't gotten too much yet. We will see what next week brings.

Elder Ashcroft

Sunday, November 10, 2013


This week we were finally able to move out of our apartment and into somewhere nicer, with an actual room to sleep in and no holes in our room when it rains and snows. Plus, we finally get to have a working fridge sense we haven't had one for 2 months! The next transfer cycle is Saturday so I could be moving again.
Matt Murdock a returned missionary in the Young Single Adults (YSA). He plays football for CSC and he gave us a referral for one of his team mates. His name is Zack Sandstrom and he is our new investigator!
Laura Fiduccia the one that is on date for baptism came to church this week all because of the fellowshipping that she received! We taught her the Plan of Salvation and so the next lesson is the Gospel of Jesus Christ! This week has been really great!
This is Mary McChesney a lady that I taught while I was in Marshall> She loved to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir so someone invited her to come and listen to them sing at General Conference. She came to church a few times on her own. One of the Sundays we caught up with her and asked if she would like the lessons. I taught her the first 2 lessons before getting transferred to Chadron!
As you can see, it was a SUCCESS!!!!

Misc Pics

 The Badlands

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


We met with Laura Fiduccia this week. She addressed some concern about not having good enough clothes to wear to church. We asked Sister Adams if she would go over and introduce herself to Laura (fellowship). Sunday, Sister Adams said Laura brought up the same concern about not having anything to wear. She assured her she would be fine and offered to take her to church next week. This week at church, we had Sis. Adams (LA), Bro. Painter (LA), Larry Schott (I,EX), and an investigating family who showed up on there own, Amy, Rex, Madeline, and Conner (don't know the exact spellings there.) They said we could come out to there house and teach them.  I have the "Pure Love of Christ" for this family. I want to do everything that I can to help them receive the blessings that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has to offer them. 

Elder Ashcroft


> A few weeks ago a member in the branch showed up with an investigator, Tasha. She is from New Zealand, taking the Butlers Farrier School (horse shoeing.) She has an awesome accent!!! They came to church a second time together. Tasha came up to us and wanted the lesson to learn more. A little while later the members daughter was getting baptized and Tasha came with them. The entire time I was thinking of it as though it was Tasha's baptism and I had to hold down tears.<

> On Thursday, we put Laura Fidducia on date for baptism for Nov. 30. She is 81 years old women who used to go to church when she was 12. Then something happened and stopped going. Later in life she married a Catholic man and he forbid her from going. When we met with her she told us that she has always felt at home with the "Mormon" church. If she gets baptized she will be the first one on my mission!<

Just a little something I find interesting.

 "Go climb up in the truck." 

Love Elder Ashcroft

Sunday, October 27, 2013


1. I was directing traffic! this is a picture of the half hour long wait in line! Across town at another drop site it was an hour long wait!

2.Drop site Pile. We worked from 8:00-6:00 non stop pulling limbs out of the back of the trucks!

Thursday, October 10, 2013


We went out into the storm for an 81 year old lady, Laura Fidduci, she told us, "I made all this food for you guys..." ...yeah... She wants to be baptized. Well, lets see, when she was little she used to go to church, then she stopped as she got older. She got married and her husband was Catholic so when he died she requested a Book of Mormon. She says she has always felt comfortable there and feels like a "Mormon" already. She wants to come but the LA lady wont bring her. She says she really hopes to be baptized.

We got about a foot and a half of snow....
Yeah, that's right, we still drove in it.  
*Wreck between Whitney and Crawford (3 killed)
What other missionaries eat.                           What Chadron missionaries eat.                      
My first Zone Conference while in Marshall at Brookings.

(just got this pic)


Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Ran into Taylor Sullivan at a Tri-Zone Conference
Rapid City, South Dakota


All throughout the Book of Mormon we read about those whose hearts sorrowed when teaching repentance and seeing the sins of the people. One of the things that the Lord has blessed me with is a soft heart. When I see others mistakes it makes my heart hurt. After our conference we went to dinner and as we were talking to the waitress she told us about one of the mistakes that she had made when she was young. This particular sin always causes my heart to wrench! She told us how she wished that she wouldn't have and you could tell she hurt from it. Just like the teachers of old, my heart sorrowed at the sins of another! One of my most favorite things before, during, and after my mission, is and will be when people come to me in trust waiting to talk and know that I won't judge them and I will keep it confidential.

Friday, September 13, 2013



(Lower Pic: Elder Camp opening a package)
Top(left to right):Abraham, Moses, Herbert, Robert,
Elder Camp, Raynaldo, Serie, Alu
Bottom(left to right):
Elder Ashcroft, Badres, and Peter

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


This one is going to be short unfortunately, but hopefully the pictures later in the week will make up for that. So, at church yesterday Sister Adams showed up. (The one that we helped re-roof her shed!) It was great to see that our hard work paid off! This week we spent almost every hour of every day trying to get in with people but no one was home, or they were busy. Kind of a stink of a week but HEY at least we were working. Better luck next week.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


This week, when we were playing basketball with the Martialese guys. It got dark so we invited them to play at the church like we usually do. Only this time they said, "sure." So they came to the church and played basketball. Yesterday, the same thing happened but this time there were more guys and even the pastor came and played as well. He has been taught by missionaries previously so we are going to try to schedule a time to teach him. This week we received a referral from A lady requested herself a Book of Mormon.  We met her on Thursday and gave her the Book of Mormon. She grew up Methodist. She saw her friends examples who are members. The members invited her to read the Book of Mormon so she did. This BOM she requested was for her daughter. It was to hard for them to share a book when they both want to read! She said, "I just follow what my heart says and it's telling me to keep reading the book." She is extremely prepared I can't wait to be able to start teaching her. Our examples are very important you never know who is watching you and what the outcome will be. This week on Saturday we also did another re-roofing job that took from 6:45-7:30 at night and still not finished!
"The Missionary Roofing Company" 

Thursday, August 29, 2013


As a finding opportunity, before going in for the night, we have been playing basketball at the city basketball court. We have been playing with some Marshallese guys that are really short. So, I fill awesome playing against them hahahaha........... We did get a new investigator named Jon Songco, who is Filipino. He is a really nice guy. We have been unable to meet his wife yet but I feel that if we get the branch members involved in the teaching process that he will be baptized. 
We also spent a full day helping the Gordon elders roof  a new members house, who is moving into their branch. It was a project for sure! The base was all rotted out, but when we got done it looked pretty good. We were all exhausted due to working till 9:00 that day, nonstop. It felt great to stay busy and help someone in need!


When Addison and I were in Primary we got to choose a tie for our dads Father's Day one year. I found this tie and thought  it was just the coolest tie I had ever seen! Before leaving on my mission I was looking through all my Dad's ties and saw it. We were joking around about it, after my Dad had to remind me of how we gave it to him, and the next thing I know it was on my luggage as a "luggage marker." I decided to send it out of this world in peace by using it for my 6  month mark tie!!!

In the mission, every 6 months they burn an article of clothing to acknowledge there progress. He has finally reached his first 6 months. 
6 months...........................................burn a tie
1 year..........................................burn a shirt
18 months..................................burn a pair of pants
2 years..........................................burn a suit

Monday, August 19, 2013


First off, sorry for the short non-eventful blog reports the last few weeks.
This week is also the same. We didn't really have any appointments that "didn't"
fall through. Our teaching pool is very small, with our only "investigator" 
being a excommunicated man named ,Uncle Larry.
Yesterday, he made it to church though, 
that was really awesome. Plus, there was a
Less Active family that showed up, which was great to
see too. The students are moving in getting ready for
college so there were a few
college students that come to church.
My companion wants the investigators to pretty much just fall into our hands,
but I know that's not really possible so we need to go out and find them.
That is something we are trying to work on,
finding those whom the lord has prepared for us!
Thanks to everyone for the letters, emails and prayers.
Everything counts and makes a difference and MAKES MY DAY!
Thanks for the support.
Elder Ashcroft

Saturday, August 17, 2013


 Car at the train yard in Chardon
 A cool run down building in Crawford.
 District P-Day Mountain Biking
 Elder Camp and I
 Cool old painting on a building in Chadron.
 Scenic byway in Crawford.
 Tough truck competition at the county fair in Chadron.
Wild buffalo past Fort Robinson.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Part of the reason why we come on missions are to prepare us for our lives after. When we went to lunch at the Lauridsen's there little boys, Gregory and Andrew, were climbing all over me. I noticed that Bro. and Sis. Lauridsen were fine with us pLaYiNG with them. They were climbing on my bike and I was their "Dinosaur." They would sit on my feet and I would walk with them. When it was time for lunch they asked who wanted to PRAY. Andrews hand went up at the speed of light. In his prayer he said, "thank you for the fun missionary." After the PRAYER he said, "do you know who the fun missionary was in my prayer? You!" I felt awesome and like a big brother. It was really fun and gave me a taste of what fatherhood will be like. I'm grateful for this experience.

Monday, August 5, 2013


This week my report is going to be different, there has been a lot of things going on but this report will be about a spiritual event that happened.
Friday- I heard some horrible news that made my heart drop into the very bottom of my stomach.
Saturday- I was thinking to myself, before going to bed, Why am I out here? I have had a friends mom die, a friend fall away from the church, I have no more friends and one of my friends had something very horrible happen to them. I don't feel as though God is even listening to my prayers, that he evens cares about m or that I am being directed by the spirit. So, why am I out here? I said this while praying, with faith, that Heavenly Father was not listening to me at all.
Sunday- I was thinking about the bad news that I heard on Friday and turned to a scripture. I felt the prompting that I should get up and bear my testimony but I debated saying, "I don't know how to end this with a 'testimony.'" Later, there was a break and I went to the pulpit and talked about why bad people do bad things to good people. (Alma 14:8-11) After I sat down Bro. Clark a recent convert got up and said when the first speaker got up to bear his testimony I said a prayer in my heart that someone would get up and talk about why bad people do bad things to good people. Both of our prayers were answered and it made me think to myself, "had I not have been on a mission, would anyone have got up and spoke about that and, if not, if he would have decreased in his faith due to he already questioning his faith.
I am glad that God 1. heard my prayer, 2. prompted me to speak, and 3. was able to use me to help someone in need.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


This week picked up a lot more. We had 5 lessons to "less actives" and 2 lessons to "investigators." They are all questionable whether or not they are going to progress. One of them is an excommunicated that said he wants to get baptized but we also could smell alcohol on his breath. So, we aren't sure how serious that statement was. We are waiting for things to pick up. Just been having fun and working hard. I love my companion, Elder Camp.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


...shorty one this week...
This week was slow lesson wise due to the last elder that was here. We are pretty much white washing, so lessons are really low. Things will pick up we just need to find some potential investigators that are solid. I just have this feeling that there are a lot of baptisms "floating in the air" we just need to find them.
On Saturday we worked for 12 hours doing hygiene and school kits for the reservation. Every hand was needed, that was for sure. This transfer is going to flyby because 1- I like it here and 2- Elder Camp and I are getting along so well. I hope I am able to stay here for a long time. I would love to help with the success of the branch.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


The branch is pretty awesome. There is this family, Weston and Shellie Burch, he is from Fredonia and she is from Kanab. They are really fun; even taking us fishing today. I told them that I haven't ever ate fish but wouldn't mind trying it. So they decided to take us fishing to get something to cook up. We went the other night and I caught a 14.5" catfish.
Everyone in the branch knows where Hurricane is or even knows someone that lives there. The branch president grew up with Coach Viafanua.
Elder Camp is from Salem and has been out for 9 months. It's pretty crazy that my 5 month mark is Saturday!
There is a guy in the branch that looks like Austin Powers. hahaha.
There parade was even good. So far this is the only town that I would want to come back to tour after the mission.
It would be sweet if grandpa were alive to take me hunting and show me tricks etc. I'm actually excited to go hunting when I get home too.

Elder Ashcroft
 bear and elk
 black powder pistols
 car show
 cool float that sprays water
 fur trade museam
 fur trade
 goodbye Minnesota
 lawn mower racing
 pie throwing contest
skin canoe
Not too much details this week. Just keeps up anticipating next week. Sounds like he is still doing great and loving his new area though. 


I got food poisoning on Tuesday night at McDonalds. I don't like that place so now I have an excuse not to eat there. Wednesday morning I threw up and had diarrhea. I got a blessing, which helped for the 7 hour drive to rapid city. The rest Wednesday was sleeping, throwing up and more diarrhea. I still have diarrhea today, it sucks really bad!!!! The apartment is a dump, so I told elder Camp we were gonna have a deep clean day here pretty soon. I love Chadron. It's the first day and things are going great. I'm excited to be working here. So far Elder Camp and I are getting along great, which is awesome!!  I miss the temple but I'll make up for it when I get home. I felt a little homesick this morning, but It didn't last long.
Elder Ashcroft
(He might be mad at me for posting this one, about the whole food poisoning thing, but we all care enough I thought I should share :p) 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


For the 3rd and 4th we were down in Worthington on exchanges. On the 4th we went to a parade in Okabena. We wanted to get out in the community and try street contacting. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful due to everyone being busy with holiday activities. We had fun trying creative ways to contact people like playing bingo. Whoever we sat by we would try and talk to and see if we could fine someone with potential. Later, we went to the Lutheran ice cream social and tried the same thing. That night some members had a BBQ and ended up stuffed to the max. We also got approval to stay out and watch fireworks at the church, with the branch, in Marshall. We had to be in the apartment by 10:30 though, and what do you know...fireworks didn't start till 10:23 hahaha :)
I heard a cool thing about some missionaries that went to the Catholic church. The preacher had them stand up and tell the congregation how it feels to have the door slammed in there face all the time. The preacher said everyone should be more like the missionaries and were the name of Christ and be true Christians. A problem that we are having is the Jehovah witnesses come in and destroy the area. When we come in the people mistake us for them. So then some of the missionaries wanted to strap an American flag to there backpacks so the people would know and see them hahaha.

This is the van that the AP's drive. It goes one route.
 Due to the increase in missionaries they actually hired had to hire a van.
 It is a 15 passenger van with a trailer for the luggage and bikes.
One van goes clockwise around the mission and the other goes counter clockwise
Kelly Lingbeek (Investigator)
I'm wearing the tie that she gave me.
She is the one that her husband wont let her get baptized.

April Wabeke (investigator)
She is the one with a date, but we are waiting till she has a testimony.

Brother Hale (Branch Mission Leader) Me, President Jones

Corban Crockett (Investigator)
He is the one that is on probation.


Marshall, Home of Schwan's Food Company 
 Minnesota state line
Parade in Okabena 
Elder Ashcroft