Friday, February 28, 2014


.:Letter from the Russell Family in Chardron:.


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When we were planning for Saturday on Friday night, I told Elder Wilkinson that something good is gonna happen tomorrow but I wasn't sure what it was going to be
On Saturday, we went to a Less Actives house. When we got there we talked to his wife Brenda and she said that she is a Baptist but is willing to learn more about our church. So we threw out the plans we had and taught the Restoration. We got a new investigator that has an open heart and is willing to learn, it was something that we really needed.


Well for this week, we had Zone Conference on Friday and sadly we didnt get iPads which I was really hoping for. This week I would like to say something different from the normal....
When we were at Bible Study at the Lutheran Church they were asking questions about the Plan of Salvation and none of them knew exactly what happens after this life. I am so thankful for the knowledge that we have about the Plan of Salvation and and that we dont have to "wonder" what happens after we die and that we can know "Exactly" what to expect because of the revelation given to the prophets regarding life after death. President Anderson said that because of the death of Brian Scott, and the relation he had in my life, that my testimony of the Plan of Salvation would never be the same! When I bore my testimony in church on Sunday about the Plan of Salvation I had multiple people tell me that they felt the spirit from my testimony. I was glad that I was able to be the means of helping them feel the spirit, and help them to gain a testimony of the Plan of Salvation for themselves.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


First off, I was transferred to Watford City, ND it is next to Williston, ND. My companion is Elder Wilkinson he has been out 7 months. The weather here doesn't really like to get over 10 degrees, so as soon as it gets to 15 degrees with no windchill it is very nice weather...hahaha. I got to Watford City Tuesday night at around 9:00 and Wednesday it was straight to work. A lot of people here are from Hurricane so its pretty nice to get to talk to people that know what I am talking about and we have something in common.
We had a lesson with Rebecca, instantly I felt the love that our Father in Heaven has for her, and I was able to have a love for her and a desire to help her come closer to Him.
On Thursday's we go to "The Good Shepard" were we play bingo and give a sermon to the old folks. It is an awesome service opportunity!
On Friday, we had a lesson with a man named Mike. While we were teaching we had awesome companionship unity that I haven't had with any other companion so far.
Church her is held in Arnegard in an old school building there was 115 church attendance. It is a branch, of course. They are trying to build a church here in Watford. We also have a church service at 8:00 at night for the oil workers that cannot make it to the earlier service.
It is a very interesting experience up here.
Next week I will have pictures for everyone! Thanks for writing me and being interested in the blog. Love: Elder Ashcroft