Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Monday we had the opportunity to hear from a member family that has taken a liking to Elder Ashcroft. He was at there home at the time and she sent a few pictures of him. The top picture is of her daughter and  the bottom one must be of her son. It wouldn't be Andy if he didn't try betting up some innocent kid. To our understanding the family's Grandfather grew up in Hurricane.
 Alex Woodbury
wrestling around


Happy 4/14/14 everybody!!! 
This week we had a pretty cool experience with the priesthood. Brother Pinto asked us for a blessing about a boil that was causing him discomfort. He told us later, he was able to sleep through the night and that next morning the boil was gone. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to preform a blessing and then to hear what came from that blessing. I am so grateful to be a priesthood holder and cant wait until I can bless the members of my family! 
On Monday, we were able to teach a 10 year old boy, Kaleb. He told his mom one night that he is ready to get baptized. She got ahold of us so that he can start taking the lessons. The plan is that him and his sister Claira can get baptized together. She is going to be turning 8 on the 26th.
On Tuesday, we had a lesson with Gary about the Word of Wisdom. We invited him to live it but he told us he already had been working on that. When we gave him a pamphlet to read it talked about that. He went and got medication right away to help with his problem. He is willing to change anything to follow our savior Jesus Christ, which is so awesome to be able to see the change that is happening in his life. I can't wait to be able to see him go through the temple when he gets married to his wife for eternity.
On Thursday, we had a lesson with Rebecca and Dustin about CPR (church, prayer and scripture reading) and how it will feed our Spirits. I promised them that if they would just do these 3 things they would be able to see special blessings the lord has in store for them. 
On Friday, we had ZTM in Minot. That took up pretty much our entire day, 5 hours of driving!!!....Yeah we are pretty much tired of sittin' on our hinnies.
At church this Sunday, we were able to get 5 Less Actives to come to church, 2 Investigators and 2 soon to be Investigators.
 It was really great to see that some of our hard work paid off! 
 Elder Wilkinson
Williston District Transfer 1


We helped an investigator of ours move out of his apartment. It kinda stinks that he is moving. He is a really great guy that could really use the gospel in his life right now.
Gary taught "US" The Gospel of Jesus Christ. He did a really great job! He even used scriptures that we use as missionaries to teach. It was really awesome!
We taught Tithing and Fast Offerings to Gary. He is growing so much and absorbing everything that we teach him like a sponge. We are running out of information to through at him. 

Side Note:
One day I was thinking about how we could get the members to be better "Member Missionaries." I received revelation that we need to make a flyer and ask them what "they" would be willing to do to help, rather than us inviting them to do things. We have already started to see success. The members have handed out copies of the Book of Mormon. They have even invited Less Active/Non Members to church and other activities. The work is starting to take off, which is really good, and really needed here in the branch.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Wednesday we had our first lesson with Gary Hoffman. He accepted the baptismal challenge with a goal to be baptized on May 3rd. He was truly prepared and guided by the hand of the Lord.

Thursday we taught the Howells Family about the Restoration. They are members but are still pretty new to the gospel so they requested the lessons again. Their son Christopher has a hard time learning so we had to break it down really simply for him to understand.

Friday we had our second lesson with Gary. This lesson was on the Plan of Salvation. We asked him if he had done the commitments we had given him and he said he had. Then we asked if had prayed to know if he should be baptized and he said he did...and Then we asked was your prayer answered, and he said, "I believe it was." At lunch on Sunday he said that he loves the feeling he has been getting from the church even for the four weeks that he has been coming. 
Sunday on the way to church Elder Walker and I were talking about how when Gary will be going through the temple we will be off our missions and be able to go through with him. I am really excited for that day to come! Rebecca made it to church today even though she was super sick. She decided that she was going to follow through with her word and come to church even if she was sick so she could receive the blessings.
Overall a pretty good week. Thanks to everyone for all the support.
Love Elder Ashcroft