Sunday, November 23, 2014


This week on Thursday we had a Multi-Zone Conference in Rapid City. Our visiting General Authority was Marcus B. Nash of the seventy. It was really great. My companion got to have a personal interview with him. One of the things that I got out of his training is we all have weaknesses and we might continually fall into the same temptations making us not perfect. Meaning in other words we are not being obedient but if we practice diligence and continually try to overcome our weaknesses and temptations we can overcome them. All God really asks of us is to be diligent so that we can become obedient!
On Friday for Halloween we had a district dinner. It was really fun! It was a pumpkin dinner meaning that the food was cooked inside the pumpkin. We listened to Christmas music while we were waiting for the food to cook! After the food we carved pumpkins. Some made a Santa figurine and 
I just made a snowflake ornament (or at least the first stages of one).
This week before going to church we got a phone call from someone asking where the church was. I found out, once getting to church it was Amy Koch. She bore her testimony about how I taught her how to pray and how it changed her life! It was really great to know that I was able to help the Lord by being an instrument in his hands to help her come closer to him!
Overall not a bad week!