Sunday, April 28, 2013

A lady in Andy's area Facebooked letting us now how he was doing. This is what she said.

"Something I wanted to let you know. Last week I went with my husband and the Elders to a cottage meeting in Madison MN. The Elders gave a message on the Plan of Salvation. Elder Ashcroft did AWESOME!! You would never know that he was a greenie. He was sincere and spoke with confidence, clarity and the spirit was there. After words my husband complimented him on what a great job he did - His reply was, 'and that is the power of prayer'  -  but I just wanted to let you know that he is doing GREAT!"

Thank you Sister Hale we really appreciate this!

She also had posted a few pictures. What Andy is experiencing is pretty interesting to say the least...hahaha

Picture 1. After the missionary meeting we were talking about weird food that missionaries are given. I pulled out the kim chi and they all gave it a try (cut into small pieces.)
 Picture 2. Down the hatch
Picture 3. See, it wasn't as bad as they had feared. They didn't like the seaweed. Elder Ashcroft said it reminded him too much of biffing it in the ocean, taste and smell brought up too many bad memories.
I'm glad someone got this on camera because this DOES NOT happen often. And by the look on his face I think everyone could tell. Glad Sister Hale could get him to do it.

Friday, April 26, 2013

april 22, 2013
Things have been a lot better, almost amazing emotional wise. Today we are supposed to get another 5 inhces of snow. Everyone here is sick and tired of it. When the sun comes out it melts it pretty quick though, which is awesome.
Missionary work has been slow. We have been trying to activate a few "less actives." Two of which came to church yesturday. Elder Kidman put me in charge of calling the shots this week. I was surprised sense he always has to be in control...hahahaha. Last night while we were planning we wanted to increase our teaching pool of investigators so we prayed to know which street to tract. We came up with one and I feel like we are going to find the family we have been praying to find once we start tracking tonight.
Corban ended up not talking to his PO so he is officially off date now.
I haven't been able to get a bike yet due to the weather but I will soon, maybe next Monday. I found this awesome looking Trek, I hope its affordable. I'll use it after my mission too. I have a video for the family to watch it reminded me of the cabin. Look up on youtube, "Guy on a Buffalo" and watch them there are like 4. We watched them when we got snowed in that one day.

...Transfer Game...
Next trasfer is May 25th, I don't know about the next after that. They said usually the greenie stays in their first area for the atleast 3 transfers. If thats the case then I have another transfer after May 25th.
Game...Each person pray and see where they think I will go next. Like when I get transferred out of Marshall. What state do you think I will be going to. (Wyoming South Dakota North Dakota or Nebraska) Someone already said they think my next area will be Wyoming. Have Fun and write me what you think.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013 @ 10:01 AM

A quick update after emailing on Monday. Elder Kidman and I went to the church and shot some hoops, from then on we have been working great together now. Due to the storm “Walda” I wasn’t able to get a bike this week. This Friday and Saturday we went to Worthington and helped clean up. It looked like WW3 hit there with limbs all over the street. We helped a farmer all day on Saturday clean up and there was still some to go after we were through. The burn pile was massive. I kept telling myself the whole time that I was going to work nonstop while others stopped and played or brought pyewny little branches to the pile. I said, “this is helping me become a better husband/father by learning to work hard…” I felt proud of myself after for the work I had done and seeing all the trees that I pretty much cleaned up by myself. It reminded me of the cabin chopping up all the fallen trees…..brought back good memories…Sense we got snowed in I told myself, “if we did I would read the scriptures from the time I got up to the time we went to bed.” I wasn’t ale to do that due to members coming and picking us up but I did read a lot. It felt great, I have a love for the scriptures and have no doubt that is why my week has gone better. I want to learn how to act upon the promptings of the spirit so I can help my investigators and in the long run helping me to raise my family.

10:12 AM

Corban is on probation still. He is going to talk to his PO tomorrow and see if he can get released. We meet with him frequently. He always asks up to teach him. Oh…I have been giving a lot of blessings!!! Transfers were last Saturday, next transfer call are May 25th. Elder Kidman thinks he will get transferred then but I do too, so, who knows. I have a game for the family when it gets closer to transfers. We are getting another set of Elders in our area they are opening it up.

10:36 AM

Soon to be Sister Lingbeck is a “dry Mormom.” She was is a Catholic and had been taught the lessons. She has read the Book of Mormon 2 times, almost 3, and has read the Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine Covenants. She wants to get baptized but her husband won’t let her. They were going to get a divorce until the missionary’s came by and now are taking counseling. She still doesn’t know weather to get divorced or keep trying.

This conversations went on with Kelly and Andy for about an hour. These are just thinks Andy wrote about. Some of the other things include admitting he broke the camera and lost the USB plug in for the card. Also, wanting to know how many washer pods to use for the wash and letting us know he needed more. Still the same Andy. We are so PROUD of him!


Friday, April 12, 2013

This Is Spring?

9 April 2013

No snow plows and it is noon.  More snow on the way!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 1, 2013
Corban Crockett is our investigator he is progressing so fast, we have taught him The Restoration, Plan of Salvation, and Word of Wisdom.   He is absorbing everything we are teaching him.  When we commited him for baptism without hesitation he accepted, there is only one problem and that is that he is on probation until October of 2014 so if God wants him to be baptized on the 20th of April, like we were prompted, He will provide a way.
Try and pronounce this name if you can good job, Tomide Ajifowobaje his last name means (aji-wake up, fowo-touch, baje-money =wakeup and touch money) awesome right?!?  hahaha he was baptized in Nigeria he speaks Yiruba.  We taught 21 lessons this week our goal was 20.  Marshall, MN  hasn't seen 20 lessons in 6 months, I think he said. 
My companion is an example like SH  = What not to be like? I have learned patience on my mission with him, he has an, "Im always right" attitude even if he's completely wrong.  So to help me from killing him...hahaha... I just laugh at the stupid things he does and his jacked up thinking/thought process...hahaha.  I have a lot of stories, I don't want to sound like a complainer, but like I said he's an example.
Thank you for the books I will start reading them soon, when I have time haha.  Since I can't really eat fruits or vegetables as you know, without forcing them down (like at members houses') I drink Naked drinks.  They are pretty good and I'm going to try every kind just for fun.  We are feed by members for every dinner, which is really nice.  I hope I don't get fat so when I get home no girls will want to marry me hahaha.