Sunday, April 28, 2013

A lady in Andy's area Facebooked letting us now how he was doing. This is what she said.

"Something I wanted to let you know. Last week I went with my husband and the Elders to a cottage meeting in Madison MN. The Elders gave a message on the Plan of Salvation. Elder Ashcroft did AWESOME!! You would never know that he was a greenie. He was sincere and spoke with confidence, clarity and the spirit was there. After words my husband complimented him on what a great job he did - His reply was, 'and that is the power of prayer'  -  but I just wanted to let you know that he is doing GREAT!"

Thank you Sister Hale we really appreciate this!

She also had posted a few pictures. What Andy is experiencing is pretty interesting to say the least...hahaha

Picture 1. After the missionary meeting we were talking about weird food that missionaries are given. I pulled out the kim chi and they all gave it a try (cut into small pieces.)
 Picture 2. Down the hatch
Picture 3. See, it wasn't as bad as they had feared. They didn't like the seaweed. Elder Ashcroft said it reminded him too much of biffing it in the ocean, taste and smell brought up too many bad memories.
I'm glad someone got this on camera because this DOES NOT happen often. And by the look on his face I think everyone could tell. Glad Sister Hale could get him to do it.