Thursday, March 28, 2013

This is Andy's MTC district outside of the Provo Temple. 
He was the district leader in the MTC. 
He said in one of his letters from the MTC that they were really close.

Andy has been doing good the last couple of week. 
Please keep him in all of your prayers. 

We appreciate and love all of you!
Love the Ashcroft Family
March 28, 2013

             So our newest Investigator Corban Crockett is moving along great. We met with him 6 out of 7 days no joke! He is on date for baptism, April 20, 2013. We asked him if he would be baptized and he said, "yes," with no hesitation at all. It will take a miracle because he is on probation and doesnt get off until October of next year, but if this is what god wants then he will provide a way! Joshua is another guy we are working with he is a Walmart employee. He just started telling us about his life and how he wanted to be the worlds fastest man and was trying to outrun god, but all it got him was really tired. We have talked to him a few times and we are trying to have a "lesson" with him at his house not just in Walmart....hahaha. 

            We have one investigator who wants to get baptized but can't because of her husband. Her name is Kelly Lingbeck. When we went over to her house lastnight, during the prayer I felt prompted to share with her D&C 121: 7-8. Elder Kidman went running his mouth like usual after the prayer so when he went for a breath during his mouth-a-thon I cut him off and said, "I felt prompted to share this scripture with you." (D&C 121: 7-8 ) We offered here a blessing, which I gave, after the blessing she was crying. She couldnt hold herself any longer and gave us a hug. She was so happy....hahaha... if the spirit would speak to me like that everytime I wouldnt ever question. I would be able to act upon the promptings as soon as I can, because I'm able to recognize it easier.
             This is all i can think off for today, hope it satisfied your hunger......hahaha.
Elder Ashcroft

Apartment life in Minnesota. 

March 25, 2013
          This last week the challenge that was issued to the brach was, "open your mouth and talk about the church." This has already paid off. One of them gave us a referral which he then ended up coming to church and is willing to take the lessons. The work is slow but we have 1 solid investigator, so thats all I car about. Today we have snow on the ground but its not too cold.

The little bit of snow on the ground he is talking about. 
I think it looks colder than, "not too cold." 
South Dakota Rapid City Mission Map

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Marshall, Minnesota

MTC Experience

While i was at the MTC i had to role play as an investigator for the new district that came in, I had 3 sisters teaching me, they knocked on the door, and I let them in, they sat down and asked if they could pray, so far everything was normal role play, Sister Johnson said the prayer, as she started to pray I felt the spirit so strong and focused on her for the rest of the lesson.  At the time I didn't know why but now I do, later Sister Johnson told Joseph Smith's First Vision and she started to cry and as you all know I cry when I feel the spirit, after they ended I felt prompted to tell her what a good job she had done -  so I did, but she felt like it wasn't good enough so later I told her "I really connected with you, I cry when I feel the spirit also, you did an amazing job, whatever your doing keep it up and don't change it".  On sunday in District Meeting - 2 days later I find out that Sister Johnson was having a really hard time, and was feeling inadequte, the assurance came over me that I helped her, and made her MTC experience better than what it was, I was so excited that I reacted upon the promptings of the spirit, which took a lot of confidence that I don't have, and it was able to help someone I found out later that it made me literally smile for 3 hours straight.  Do not ever question 'is this just me or the spirit', just do it and it will work out.  I have been waiting my entire life to be able to react upon a prompting of the spirit, and the bonus is what happened from that.   As for the rest of what i was prompted to do regarding Sister Johnson I guess you will have to wait to hear it in 23 months.
Thank you again so much everyone for your prayers and temple service and fasting and whatever else you have done to help me, I realize that satan is trying to take a leader out of this mission and has found the way to do that, by making me extremely home sick and miss those that i love so much.  Elder Ashcroft

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mission Home

Mission Home
Arrived at the Mission Home today.  President and Sister Anderson are from Gunnison, Utah.  He looks like a missionary!


The first day was hard I was choking down tears all day but it helped when I read this Alma 26:27-30.  That is how almost every missionary feels.  Today is much better but still hard.  I need lots of encouragement in your letters. Elder Ashcroft

Thank you to everyone who has been sacrificing and praying for me, I finally see now, because I have been able to eat almost everything on my plate.  We have been having some amazing spiritual experiences - everyone here- everywhere we go is talking about the gospel.  I am the District Leader - as I prayed for the members in my District they receive those things that I prayed for.  Our District is so close - we uplift each other - help each other - and eat almost every meal together.  Elder Ashcroft

My companion is from Holiday, Utah.  He likes basketball and is 6'4".  We got along from the moment we met.   Thank you for the letters - I have very little time to respond due to "so much to do and no time to do it".  We go to the gym on designated days and our P days are so busy.  It felt so good to do laundry - never thought I would say that.  I always heard missionaries say - thank  you for your prayers - we can feel them - never understood that until now.  Today in one of our role plays I felt the spirit tell me exactly what to say/ask then when I acted upon that it worked out perfect.  It felt so great.  I have been waiting for that for a very long time.  Love you all, you are in my prayers.  Elder Ashcroft