Tuesday, March 5, 2013


The first day was hard I was choking down tears all day but it helped when I read this Alma 26:27-30.  That is how almost every missionary feels.  Today is much better but still hard.  I need lots of encouragement in your letters. Elder Ashcroft

Thank you to everyone who has been sacrificing and praying for me, I finally see now, because I have been able to eat almost everything on my plate.  We have been having some amazing spiritual experiences - everyone here- everywhere we go is talking about the gospel.  I am the District Leader - as I prayed for the members in my District they receive those things that I prayed for.  Our District is so close - we uplift each other - help each other - and eat almost every meal together.  Elder Ashcroft

My companion is from Holiday, Utah.  He likes basketball and is 6'4".  We got along from the moment we met.   Thank you for the letters - I have very little time to respond due to "so much to do and no time to do it".  We go to the gym on designated days and our P days are so busy.  It felt so good to do laundry - never thought I would say that.  I always heard missionaries say - thank  you for your prayers - we can feel them - never understood that until now.  Today in one of our role plays I felt the spirit tell me exactly what to say/ask then when I acted upon that it worked out perfect.  It felt so great.  I have been waiting for that for a very long time.  Love you all, you are in my prayers.  Elder Ashcroft