Wednesday, July 24, 2013


...shorty one this week...
This week was slow lesson wise due to the last elder that was here. We are pretty much white washing, so lessons are really low. Things will pick up we just need to find some potential investigators that are solid. I just have this feeling that there are a lot of baptisms "floating in the air" we just need to find them.
On Saturday we worked for 12 hours doing hygiene and school kits for the reservation. Every hand was needed, that was for sure. This transfer is going to flyby because 1- I like it here and 2- Elder Camp and I are getting along so well. I hope I am able to stay here for a long time. I would love to help with the success of the branch.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


The branch is pretty awesome. There is this family, Weston and Shellie Burch, he is from Fredonia and she is from Kanab. They are really fun; even taking us fishing today. I told them that I haven't ever ate fish but wouldn't mind trying it. So they decided to take us fishing to get something to cook up. We went the other night and I caught a 14.5" catfish.
Everyone in the branch knows where Hurricane is or even knows someone that lives there. The branch president grew up with Coach Viafanua.
Elder Camp is from Salem and has been out for 9 months. It's pretty crazy that my 5 month mark is Saturday!
There is a guy in the branch that looks like Austin Powers. hahaha.
There parade was even good. So far this is the only town that I would want to come back to tour after the mission.
It would be sweet if grandpa were alive to take me hunting and show me tricks etc. I'm actually excited to go hunting when I get home too.

Elder Ashcroft
 bear and elk
 black powder pistols
 car show
 cool float that sprays water
 fur trade museam
 fur trade
 goodbye Minnesota
 lawn mower racing
 pie throwing contest
skin canoe
Not too much details this week. Just keeps up anticipating next week. Sounds like he is still doing great and loving his new area though. 


I got food poisoning on Tuesday night at McDonalds. I don't like that place so now I have an excuse not to eat there. Wednesday morning I threw up and had diarrhea. I got a blessing, which helped for the 7 hour drive to rapid city. The rest Wednesday was sleeping, throwing up and more diarrhea. I still have diarrhea today, it sucks really bad!!!! The apartment is a dump, so I told elder Camp we were gonna have a deep clean day here pretty soon. I love Chadron. It's the first day and things are going great. I'm excited to be working here. So far Elder Camp and I are getting along great, which is awesome!!  I miss the temple but I'll make up for it when I get home. I felt a little homesick this morning, but It didn't last long.
Elder Ashcroft
(He might be mad at me for posting this one, about the whole food poisoning thing, but we all care enough I thought I should share :p) 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


For the 3rd and 4th we were down in Worthington on exchanges. On the 4th we went to a parade in Okabena. We wanted to get out in the community and try street contacting. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful due to everyone being busy with holiday activities. We had fun trying creative ways to contact people like playing bingo. Whoever we sat by we would try and talk to and see if we could fine someone with potential. Later, we went to the Lutheran ice cream social and tried the same thing. That night some members had a BBQ and ended up stuffed to the max. We also got approval to stay out and watch fireworks at the church, with the branch, in Marshall. We had to be in the apartment by 10:30 though, and what do you know...fireworks didn't start till 10:23 hahaha :)
I heard a cool thing about some missionaries that went to the Catholic church. The preacher had them stand up and tell the congregation how it feels to have the door slammed in there face all the time. The preacher said everyone should be more like the missionaries and were the name of Christ and be true Christians. A problem that we are having is the Jehovah witnesses come in and destroy the area. When we come in the people mistake us for them. So then some of the missionaries wanted to strap an American flag to there backpacks so the people would know and see them hahaha.

This is the van that the AP's drive. It goes one route.
 Due to the increase in missionaries they actually hired had to hire a van.
 It is a 15 passenger van with a trailer for the luggage and bikes.
One van goes clockwise around the mission and the other goes counter clockwise
Kelly Lingbeek (Investigator)
I'm wearing the tie that she gave me.
She is the one that her husband wont let her get baptized.

April Wabeke (investigator)
She is the one with a date, but we are waiting till she has a testimony.

Brother Hale (Branch Mission Leader) Me, President Jones

Corban Crockett (Investigator)
He is the one that is on probation.


Marshall, Home of Schwan's Food Company 
 Minnesota state line
Parade in Okabena 
Elder Ashcroft

Monday, July 8, 2013


The Zone Leaders called this morning and Elder Kidman answered the phone. I heard him say, "I'm staying in Marshall?" As soon as I heard it I started shaking thinking for sure I was staying too. Then they asked for me and said, I will be going to Chadron Nebraska serving with Elder Camp. Now my chances of training Taylor Sullivan are a lot higher. For those of you who had my old address do not send anything there. I will be letting you know my new address soon.
Elder Ashcroft

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


This week, on Tuesday, after our short informal District Meeting, we did service for 6 hours. As a district, we helped a family plant there garden. It was super HOT!!! I'm even rockin' the farmers tan!! When we got home that night my legs said, "I just walked through WW2." I didn't have any trouble falling to sleep that night!
On Wednesday, we went to have a little talk with Tomi and the whole crew was over. There was Tomi and 5 others haha.... He was making a fish that they cook whole and some cow skin, which I tried!! Yeah, it tasted like I was just chewing on a rubber tire that had no flavor hahaha.... The food looked disgusting and didn't taste so great but I have this weird desire to try it anyway. We didn't get to try the fish but he is going to make us another African dish called Moin Moin (they take habanero and jalapeƱo peppers, add them to a bean base and cook it in cans with chopped up hard boiled eggs. Then it becomes the texture of a cake.) Now that should be interesting!
Please keep Judy Olson in your prayers, and if you go, take her name to the temple. Thank you!
As for the rest of the week there was a ton of service which meant lessons this week were really low. I didn't mind its a different pace. It gets us out of proselyting clothes and into service clothes plus we get to do something different.
I saw a really heart touching video the other day everyone needs to watch and share with others. Go to and then hit Mormon Messages and click, "My Brother Hyrum." I almost cried when watching this.
I prayed to the Lord the other day, thanking him that I am led by the spirit. I don't care if I am able to teach or baptized a single person out here. As long as I am able to be the instrument in the Lords hands to be led by the spirit and find those who are searching for the gospel.
 Love Elder Ashcroft
Transfer's will be this Saturday. We thought it would be last week but looks like we get to hold out for a bit longer. Andy has been doing great and loving the work. He has reached the lonely stages of the mission and would love letters. As we enjoy knowing what is going on with him he cares what's going on with all of you. Thank you for all the prayers! We know he has been feeling all the love and support from home.