Thursday, July 18, 2013


The branch is pretty awesome. There is this family, Weston and Shellie Burch, he is from Fredonia and she is from Kanab. They are really fun; even taking us fishing today. I told them that I haven't ever ate fish but wouldn't mind trying it. So they decided to take us fishing to get something to cook up. We went the other night and I caught a 14.5" catfish.
Everyone in the branch knows where Hurricane is or even knows someone that lives there. The branch president grew up with Coach Viafanua.
Elder Camp is from Salem and has been out for 9 months. It's pretty crazy that my 5 month mark is Saturday!
There is a guy in the branch that looks like Austin Powers. hahaha.
There parade was even good. So far this is the only town that I would want to come back to tour after the mission.
It would be sweet if grandpa were alive to take me hunting and show me tricks etc. I'm actually excited to go hunting when I get home too.

Elder Ashcroft
 bear and elk
 black powder pistols
 car show
 cool float that sprays water
 fur trade museam
 fur trade
 goodbye Minnesota
 lawn mower racing
 pie throwing contest
skin canoe
Not too much details this week. Just keeps up anticipating next week. Sounds like he is still doing great and loving his new area though.