Wednesday, July 10, 2013


For the 3rd and 4th we were down in Worthington on exchanges. On the 4th we went to a parade in Okabena. We wanted to get out in the community and try street contacting. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful due to everyone being busy with holiday activities. We had fun trying creative ways to contact people like playing bingo. Whoever we sat by we would try and talk to and see if we could fine someone with potential. Later, we went to the Lutheran ice cream social and tried the same thing. That night some members had a BBQ and ended up stuffed to the max. We also got approval to stay out and watch fireworks at the church, with the branch, in Marshall. We had to be in the apartment by 10:30 though, and what do you know...fireworks didn't start till 10:23 hahaha :)
I heard a cool thing about some missionaries that went to the Catholic church. The preacher had them stand up and tell the congregation how it feels to have the door slammed in there face all the time. The preacher said everyone should be more like the missionaries and were the name of Christ and be true Christians. A problem that we are having is the Jehovah witnesses come in and destroy the area. When we come in the people mistake us for them. So then some of the missionaries wanted to strap an American flag to there backpacks so the people would know and see them hahaha.

This is the van that the AP's drive. It goes one route.
 Due to the increase in missionaries they actually hired had to hire a van.
 It is a 15 passenger van with a trailer for the luggage and bikes.
One van goes clockwise around the mission and the other goes counter clockwise
Kelly Lingbeek (Investigator)
I'm wearing the tie that she gave me.
She is the one that her husband wont let her get baptized.

April Wabeke (investigator)
She is the one with a date, but we are waiting till she has a testimony.

Brother Hale (Branch Mission Leader) Me, President Jones

Corban Crockett (Investigator)
He is the one that is on probation.


Marshall, Home of Schwan's Food Company 
 Minnesota state line
Parade in Okabena 
Elder Ashcroft