Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 1, 2013
Corban Crockett is our investigator he is progressing so fast, we have taught him The Restoration, Plan of Salvation, and Word of Wisdom.   He is absorbing everything we are teaching him.  When we commited him for baptism without hesitation he accepted, there is only one problem and that is that he is on probation until October of 2014 so if God wants him to be baptized on the 20th of April, like we were prompted, He will provide a way.
Try and pronounce this name if you can good job, Tomide Ajifowobaje his last name means (aji-wake up, fowo-touch, baje-money =wakeup and touch money) awesome right?!?  hahaha he was baptized in Nigeria he speaks Yiruba.  We taught 21 lessons this week our goal was 20.  Marshall, MN  hasn't seen 20 lessons in 6 months, I think he said. 
My companion is an example like SH  = What not to be like? I have learned patience on my mission with him, he has an, "Im always right" attitude even if he's completely wrong.  So to help me from killing him...hahaha... I just laugh at the stupid things he does and his jacked up thinking/thought process...hahaha.  I have a lot of stories, I don't want to sound like a complainer, but like I said he's an example.
Thank you for the books I will start reading them soon, when I have time haha.  Since I can't really eat fruits or vegetables as you know, without forcing them down (like at members houses') I drink Naked drinks.  They are pretty good and I'm going to try every kind just for fun.  We are feed by members for every dinner, which is really nice.  I hope I don't get fat so when I get home no girls will want to marry me hahaha.