Friday, April 26, 2013

april 22, 2013
Things have been a lot better, almost amazing emotional wise. Today we are supposed to get another 5 inhces of snow. Everyone here is sick and tired of it. When the sun comes out it melts it pretty quick though, which is awesome.
Missionary work has been slow. We have been trying to activate a few "less actives." Two of which came to church yesturday. Elder Kidman put me in charge of calling the shots this week. I was surprised sense he always has to be in control...hahahaha. Last night while we were planning we wanted to increase our teaching pool of investigators so we prayed to know which street to tract. We came up with one and I feel like we are going to find the family we have been praying to find once we start tracking tonight.
Corban ended up not talking to his PO so he is officially off date now.
I haven't been able to get a bike yet due to the weather but I will soon, maybe next Monday. I found this awesome looking Trek, I hope its affordable. I'll use it after my mission too. I have a video for the family to watch it reminded me of the cabin. Look up on youtube, "Guy on a Buffalo" and watch them there are like 4. We watched them when we got snowed in that one day.

...Transfer Game...
Next trasfer is May 25th, I don't know about the next after that. They said usually the greenie stays in their first area for the atleast 3 transfers. If thats the case then I have another transfer after May 25th.
Game...Each person pray and see where they think I will go next. Like when I get transferred out of Marshall. What state do you think I will be going to. (Wyoming South Dakota North Dakota or Nebraska) Someone already said they think my next area will be Wyoming. Have Fun and write me what you think.