Thursday, April 18, 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013 @ 10:01 AM

A quick update after emailing on Monday. Elder Kidman and I went to the church and shot some hoops, from then on we have been working great together now. Due to the storm “Walda” I wasn’t able to get a bike this week. This Friday and Saturday we went to Worthington and helped clean up. It looked like WW3 hit there with limbs all over the street. We helped a farmer all day on Saturday clean up and there was still some to go after we were through. The burn pile was massive. I kept telling myself the whole time that I was going to work nonstop while others stopped and played or brought pyewny little branches to the pile. I said, “this is helping me become a better husband/father by learning to work hard…” I felt proud of myself after for the work I had done and seeing all the trees that I pretty much cleaned up by myself. It reminded me of the cabin chopping up all the fallen trees…..brought back good memories…Sense we got snowed in I told myself, “if we did I would read the scriptures from the time I got up to the time we went to bed.” I wasn’t ale to do that due to members coming and picking us up but I did read a lot. It felt great, I have a love for the scriptures and have no doubt that is why my week has gone better. I want to learn how to act upon the promptings of the spirit so I can help my investigators and in the long run helping me to raise my family.

10:12 AM

Corban is on probation still. He is going to talk to his PO tomorrow and see if he can get released. We meet with him frequently. He always asks up to teach him. Oh…I have been giving a lot of blessings!!! Transfers were last Saturday, next transfer call are May 25th. Elder Kidman thinks he will get transferred then but I do too, so, who knows. I have a game for the family when it gets closer to transfers. We are getting another set of Elders in our area they are opening it up.

10:36 AM

Soon to be Sister Lingbeck is a “dry Mormom.” She was is a Catholic and had been taught the lessons. She has read the Book of Mormon 2 times, almost 3, and has read the Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine Covenants. She wants to get baptized but her husband won’t let her. They were going to get a divorce until the missionary’s came by and now are taking counseling. She still doesn’t know weather to get divorced or keep trying.

This conversations went on with Kelly and Andy for about an hour. These are just thinks Andy wrote about. Some of the other things include admitting he broke the camera and lost the USB plug in for the card. Also, wanting to know how many washer pods to use for the wash and letting us know he needed more. Still the same Andy. We are so PROUD of him!