Tuesday, April 15, 2014


We helped an investigator of ours move out of his apartment. It kinda stinks that he is moving. He is a really great guy that could really use the gospel in his life right now.
Gary taught "US" The Gospel of Jesus Christ. He did a really great job! He even used scriptures that we use as missionaries to teach. It was really awesome!
We taught Tithing and Fast Offerings to Gary. He is growing so much and absorbing everything that we teach him like a sponge. We are running out of information to through at him. 

Side Note:
One day I was thinking about how we could get the members to be better "Member Missionaries." I received revelation that we need to make a flyer and ask them what "they" would be willing to do to help, rather than us inviting them to do things. We have already started to see success. The members have handed out copies of the Book of Mormon. They have even invited Less Active/Non Members to church and other activities. The work is starting to take off, which is really good, and really needed here in the branch.