Monday, August 5, 2013


This week my report is going to be different, there has been a lot of things going on but this report will be about a spiritual event that happened.
Friday- I heard some horrible news that made my heart drop into the very bottom of my stomach.
Saturday- I was thinking to myself, before going to bed, Why am I out here? I have had a friends mom die, a friend fall away from the church, I have no more friends and one of my friends had something very horrible happen to them. I don't feel as though God is even listening to my prayers, that he evens cares about m or that I am being directed by the spirit. So, why am I out here? I said this while praying, with faith, that Heavenly Father was not listening to me at all.
Sunday- I was thinking about the bad news that I heard on Friday and turned to a scripture. I felt the prompting that I should get up and bear my testimony but I debated saying, "I don't know how to end this with a 'testimony.'" Later, there was a break and I went to the pulpit and talked about why bad people do bad things to good people. (Alma 14:8-11) After I sat down Bro. Clark a recent convert got up and said when the first speaker got up to bear his testimony I said a prayer in my heart that someone would get up and talk about why bad people do bad things to good people. Both of our prayers were answered and it made me think to myself, "had I not have been on a mission, would anyone have got up and spoke about that and, if not, if he would have decreased in his faith due to he already questioning his faith.
I am glad that God 1. heard my prayer, 2. prompted me to speak, and 3. was able to use me to help someone in need.