Thursday, August 29, 2013


As a finding opportunity, before going in for the night, we have been playing basketball at the city basketball court. We have been playing with some Marshallese guys that are really short. So, I fill awesome playing against them hahahaha........... We did get a new investigator named Jon Songco, who is Filipino. He is a really nice guy. We have been unable to meet his wife yet but I feel that if we get the branch members involved in the teaching process that he will be baptized. 
We also spent a full day helping the Gordon elders roof  a new members house, who is moving into their branch. It was a project for sure! The base was all rotted out, but when we got done it looked pretty good. We were all exhausted due to working till 9:00 that day, nonstop. It felt great to stay busy and help someone in need!