Monday, August 19, 2013


First off, sorry for the short non-eventful blog reports the last few weeks.
This week is also the same. We didn't really have any appointments that "didn't"
fall through. Our teaching pool is very small, with our only "investigator" 
being a excommunicated man named ,Uncle Larry.
Yesterday, he made it to church though, 
that was really awesome. Plus, there was a
Less Active family that showed up, which was great to
see too. The students are moving in getting ready for
college so there were a few
college students that come to church.
My companion wants the investigators to pretty much just fall into our hands,
but I know that's not really possible so we need to go out and find them.
That is something we are trying to work on,
finding those whom the lord has prepared for us!
Thanks to everyone for the letters, emails and prayers.
Everything counts and makes a difference and MAKES MY DAY!
Thanks for the support.
Elder Ashcroft