Saturday, September 7, 2013


This week, when we were playing basketball with the Martialese guys. It got dark so we invited them to play at the church like we usually do. Only this time they said, "sure." So they came to the church and played basketball. Yesterday, the same thing happened but this time there were more guys and even the pastor came and played as well. He has been taught by missionaries previously so we are going to try to schedule a time to teach him. This week we received a referral from A lady requested herself a Book of Mormon.  We met her on Thursday and gave her the Book of Mormon. She grew up Methodist. She saw her friends examples who are members. The members invited her to read the Book of Mormon so she did. This BOM she requested was for her daughter. It was to hard for them to share a book when they both want to read! She said, "I just follow what my heart says and it's telling me to keep reading the book." She is extremely prepared I can't wait to be able to start teaching her. Our examples are very important you never know who is watching you and what the outcome will be. This week on Saturday we also did another re-roofing job that took from 6:45-7:30 at night and still not finished!
"The Missionary Roofing Company"