Thursday, December 12, 2013


We found out Tuesday in Zone Conference we will be getting personalized iPad mini's fully equipped with online proselyting (Facebook.) They said it will be late Spring when they come. The will have our planners, scriptures, ensigns, conference talks, all church websites and everything else that we can think of that we would need for our work including the area book. They will automatically update when transferred. Also, our music policy has been loosened up. We can now listen to anything that invites the spirit in, not just Hymns. In the interview I had with President he told me how great it has been to see the strides I've made in the last 9 months. That was really AWESOME to here!
As for the weather we finally hit into the 2 digit numbers on the positive side. Unlike all last week it's been singles in the negatives. It seems to be warming up some now, that's good. The snow removal here is really different....hahaha. They use a construction machine to pick all the snow after the blade and plows push the snow into the middle of the streets. Then they haul it out of town. We still have to work until the temperature hit -30 degrees. That's our limit for being allowed to go outside at all!
Wednesday, we are going to be teaching Amy. Its just here this time but hopefully her kids will be able to make it soon. I have mentioned her and her family before. She lives in Harrison and has been watching members examples. These members told her she should read the Book of Mormon. So she did! We got a referral for her and  she requested another Book of Mormon for her daughter, Madeline. Then, one Sunday Amy, Madeline, Connor and Rex showed up to church with the members that they had been watching. She called on Thursday last week and scheduled a time to take the lessons. I am SOO excited I can't wait!