Tuesday, October 29, 2013


> A few weeks ago a member in the branch showed up with an investigator, Tasha. She is from New Zealand, taking the Butlers Farrier School (horse shoeing.) She has an awesome accent!!! They came to church a second time together. Tasha came up to us and wanted the lesson to learn more. A little while later the members daughter was getting baptized and Tasha came with them. The entire time I was thinking of it as though it was Tasha's baptism and I had to hold down tears.<

> On Thursday, we put Laura Fidducia on date for baptism for Nov. 30. She is 81 years old women who used to go to church when she was 12. Then something happened and stopped going. Later in life she married a Catholic man and he forbid her from going. When we met with her she told us that she has always felt at home with the "Mormon" church. If she gets baptized she will be the first one on my mission!<

Just a little something I find interesting.

 "Go climb up in the truck." 

Love Elder Ashcroft