Sunday, October 5, 2014


This week we were able to meet with Rodney Borth and Steven Tagle. They are friends and they both came to church the previous week. They are showing interest in the lessons. Rodney invited Steven to come up from Texas to work for him. Rodney has been looking into the church for quiet a while now. He has been working with various members of the congregation. Such as, Brothers, Bertelsen and Renken. They live in the sisters area but they are single adult men so we will be teaching them. The lesson went great and Rodney said that he was excited for the next one. Its good too because he has lots of questions. The great thing about him is that he is not afraid to interrupt and ask his question, which is perfect!

We also met with Darryl Blakey. We met before but were unable to talk at the time. The other Elders reffered him to us because he lives in our area. He is a 48 year old African that speaks English. He grew up in the Methodist church. When we called him he said yes which we learned later was just to be nice. By the end of the lesson his attitude seemed to change from being nice to actually learning.

We didnt get to teach very many people and other lessons still fell through but we are still doing our work. The week was still good!

Elder Ashcroft

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