Thursday, August 21, 2014


Towards the end of this week we started going through the Less Acitve list. We have started teaching all the Less Active members in our area. The Stake President has ask us to share the Plan of Salvation with every member. After the message we ask for referrals so we can hopefully increase our teaching pool.
One of the Less Actives that we visited was Melissa Johnson,.During the lesson at the end we invtied her to just come to sacrement if nothing else. We told her we know this can help all of her burdens to be relieved. The spirit was so strong that she started crying. It was a really amazing lesson!
During our lesson with Homer Cook, he told us how he had been praying. As he was ending his prayer we walked by. That was when he chased us down and told us he wanted to turn a new leaf. It was really amazing to see how God directed his life. Helping guide us to that particular place at the exact time so as he could receive the help that he needed.
Elder Ashcroft