Thursday, August 21, 2014


James Muchow- this week when we were talkig with James about the importance of getting rid of his rated "R" movies the spirit was really strong. It seemed like it started to click and make sense with him. I think that with the help of Brother Oakes, who himself had to give them up, he will be able to do it. He was on date to be baptized this Saturday but we are going to have to push it back. We want to make sure that his testimony is stronger before he is baptized.
Derrick Weaver- will be back this weekend. He is on date to be baptized next week. He has missed a lot of lessons, due to being gone to camp for 3 weeks, we are going to push his back as well. We will be meeting with him this upcoming Sunday.
Kim and Gordon- are a young couple with 4 kids and another on the way. We tracted into them. I love them so much already and we haven't. We haven't even taught them yet. We have only sat down with Kim and told her about the message we share. I hope to be able to teach them with their super busy schedule. While we were over there she told us that she needs the kids to be in Sunday school. I know that if they will start keeping the commandments that they will be able to find a better job and start providing for their family. Then be able to spend more time together as a couple.
Quanah Reid- this week while we were talking to her I got the impression to ask if she knew that Jospeh Smith was a prophet and if The Book of Mormon is true. She told us that she did not. I explained to her that our entire message depends upon these 2 things. If she knows one to be true then she will know that everything else that we teach is true. We invited her to read a designated chapter out of The Book of Mormon and then to pray and ask.
Andy, Edward, Patience, Naomi- this week we were able to teach Patience and Naomi and make them new investigators so that we could start teaching them all together! We taught them The Restoration.
Rich Fredricks- while talking with Rich, he told us of his desire to quit smoking. We told him that we have a 12 step program that will help him quit in a week. He was really excited for it and is starting to open up a little at a time. Hopefully, through this we will be able to share the message of The Restoration with him. He is a really awesome guy!
Elder Ashcroft