Tuesday, October 21, 2014


This week was great. We were able to have our first lesson with Jerry Damon. He is pretty much a "Dry Mormon." He said that he is looking for a spouse with the same standards that he has. We thought to ourselves, "well you came to the right place." He keeps asking when church starts so he can make sure that he doesn't miss it. He was even taking down notes so he could remember. He even wrote down his commitments. I was giving the account of the First Vision and as I said the words "Joseph.....This is my Beloved Son hear him" chills ran down my back. It was another reconfirmation to me that Joseph Smith was God's chosen prophet to restore His Gospel to the earth.
Later this week Jerry gave us a call and saying he was reading the material that you gave and had a few question for us. "What is my purpose here on earth?" He wanted us to think of that answer for when we meet on Saturday. That was really awesome! We told him thats exactly what we were going to talk about and that we have the answer for him.
On Saturday we taught Jerry the Plan of Salvation one of the scriptures that I used to explain our purpose here on earth was Alma 12:24. Later tonight Jerry, Rodney and Steven will all be coming to a convert baptism.
On Sunday, just as we thought Jerry was there. At the lesson on Monday we had Bro's Faustin and Renken sit in. It was really great both of them to show up. Being recent converts they expressed to him how he could have his prayers answered. To know that this is the true church on the earth today. We invited him to be baptized and we set a goal with him for the 22nd of November. He said that he would set it as the goal but if he wasnt ready by then that it would be pushed back. He committed to try for it though. Brother Faustin then asked him again how he felt at church. Jerry said that he felt peace and joy. We read him Galations 5:22 and said that he just expressed in his own words that his prayers had been answered!

Saturday was transfer calls. I will be going to Winner, SD covering Rosebud Reservation. This is one of the few areas that covers 2 units and I am serving in the last district in the US. My new companion is Elder Curtis he came out 1 transfer after me.
 Children's Hospital in Sioux Falls
 District in Sioux Falls
 Fall in Sioux Falls
 Hay we unloaded for the Zoo in Sioux Falls
Scenery in Sioux Falls