Monday, May 12, 2014


This week was pretty crazy!
  • We taught Kaleb and Claira about the Word of Wisdom,
  • Went over the Baptismal interview questions with Gary.
  • We set priorities with Rebecca to help her know where to focus her attention on. This way she can start to receive the blessings that our Heavenly Father has in store for her by keeping the Commandments. 
  • To someone else that we are helping to gain a stronger testimony. We talked about how the Savior wants to forgive us after we repent. (In the lesson she opened up and I was able to share with her, through my experience, how I know our Heavenly Father loves us. It was a great lesson and I hope she will be open to doing the things that the spirit directs. That she may be able to feel loved by our Heavenly Father again!)
As for the rest of the week we were moving out of the NASTY basement into our NEW apartment. We are living in the most expensive apartment in the mission. It is really nice for a change. 
Sunday, for Stake Conference Elder's Hillier and Bowen of the Seventy were there to split the stake. There is now the Minot and Bismark stakes. he conference was held in the Municipal Auditorium because there were so members there. It was an amazing experience to see the stake split as a historic event! 
***In my future blogs I am going to be doing a weekly scripture. If I get enough comments or emails responding about how they feel or what they think about the scripture then I will continue to do it. I think I will be starting next week.***
Love Elder Ashcroft
We were able to take to Elder Ashcroft on Sunday, with it being Mother's Day and all. Best time spent as a family by far. Thankful for the technology we have but even more thankful for the old school speaker phone. Our Skype went down 10 minutes into the call. We spent some time trying to get things working but in all decided to resort to the phone. It was almost better this way no other distractions just talking. Although, in the short time we were able to see him, it was good seeing that he is eating well. The voice and spunky personality was all we needed. Sitting on the couch as a family, listening to Andy talk our ears off about absolutely nothing and no one else getting a word in edge wise was priceless. We are excited, as is he, for the next 9 months as he works with these families and calls on Christmas, for the last time, and comes home 2 months later. Thanks to all the support in Andy's behalf and to the member families that have taken him in.
Love The Ashcrofts