Saturday, May 24, 2014


This week we had Zone Conference on Tuesday we woke up at 4:00 and were on the rode by 5:00 and we didn't get back until 12:00 that made for a long day, but it was good i was able to receive alot of personal revelation which was awesome! President and Sister Anderson taught together about Eternal Marriage it was really great because this is something that my mind has been thinking alot about lately and i was able to have many questions answered! 

At church we had a Hispanic man come all because someone invited him. His name is Manuel Cabrera, we are going to set something up this week to start teaching him. The members have been doing a lot of member missionary work lately. We have a few potential investigators, which is really awesome and sorely needed!

On Monday night, at 2:00 am I heard a few people next door screaming and yelling at each other because i couldn't sleep anyways. After awhile of this yelling I heard them making threats at each other. I called the police and they things were taken care of. I learned a valuable lesson last night. The lesson that I learned was that when our families are centered around Jesus Christ and we follow the teachings of the prophets our homes are filled with love peace joy happiness and comfort. Unlike the contention hatred yelling and screaming that was heard from the room next door. If they believed in the prophet they would not have drank their alcohol. By not drinking they would have not had the argument that they had which is what brought in the spirit of contention and hatred. As I look at the home that I grew up in I am grateful because we were following Jesus Christ and his prophets I was able to feel loved and safe at home.

If you know of someone that could benefit from this please share it with them. That they might be able to receive the same blessings of love and comfort, peace, joy and happiness in their homes as many of the Latter Day Saint homes have! The only way nonmembers can have love, joy, peace and happiness in their homes is by keeping the commandments, which comes from Jesus Christ and his Prophets. The way for them to receive this is by us as members of Jesus Christ church to open our mouths with love and share why they enjoy this gospel, share the blessings they have seen with love. Invite them to church read The Book of Mormon and listen to message of The Restoration from the Missionaries.

I know that if each member will invite others who are struggling to listen to the missionaries the members doing the inviting and the nonmember hearing the message both will receive blessing to help them in there times of need in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Elder Ashcroft