Thursday, May 1, 2014

4/21/14 & 4/28/14

Sorry everybody who has been keeping up on my blog for the missed report last week. It was one hectic p-day! But here is a quick update!
Gary has been taught all of the commandments lessons and now ready for baptism! He is taking baptism very serious and wants to meet with the Branch President before to make sure that he is completely worthy/ready to be baptized.
We had a lesson with the Howells on Joseph Smith. We showed him were he can get the true information rather than false doctrine.
Kaleb and Claira are on to the commandments lessons now. They are doing great and I think they are getting more excited each day.
This week we started moving out of our apartment. In the process I noticed that my elbow was hurting pretty bad. The next day it was really red and I was feeling sick. As the days go on it seems to be getting even more red. We are thinking that it might have been a bite. The Dr. wanted to monitor if it spreads and further.