Sunday, March 23, 2014


Transfer calls were this week my new companion will be Elder Walker. He came out with me but was in a different district. This week we had either all the rest of our investigators move or drop us.

On Sunday, Bro. Homer called me over to meet a guy that he'd been talking to. His name is Gary Hoffman and has made it to church twice now. I had thought that he was a member, but to my surprise he was not. He has been interested in investigating the church. I gave him a Book of Mormon and got his phone number so we could start teaching him. Gary likes a girl that lives in Canada. She is a member, which is the biggest reason he decided to learn about the church. This is another WITNESS that this is the Lords work. Right when almost all of the investigators we were teaching fell off Gary was placed right into our hands without tracting, a referral, or anything.
On Thursday, we had a lesson with Rebecca's son Dayvon. He had been having a hard time and hasn't really been desiring to learn about the church. Due to events that occurred in his life this week we was willing to listen. We each told him about our plans for after our missions and what we were planning on doing. The spirit was soo strong I KNOW that he felt it. As I mentioned last week it was another one of those "knife cutting" spirit filled moment.