Monday, June 17, 2013

JUNE 17, 2013

This week we had the lesson with Tomi and Dayo. We started teaching the restoration part all the way through and they bomb barded us with question. Some girl in there apartment tried their faith and they got frustrated because they couldn't answer her questions. Tomi had a meeting with Pres. Jones this week so we went over on Saturday Night. When he came to the door he had a beer can in his hand. First Kaiyoti answered the door, and then we told him to get Tomi and he came with the beer, we are really close with him so it will be easy to "rebuke with love. Elder Raia said he could smell weed too. Tomi told us he doesn't drink or smoke only when his friends do it (because he cant resist peer pressure.) On Sunday he promised he would be there for the meeting but he didn't show. He needs prayers, and/or his name in the temple. He has the potential to bring many into the gospel because he is such an amazing person. He just needs help having his feet more firmly planted on a sure foundation. Tomi is already a member and we were going to start the lessons over again but I think The Word of Wisdom is probably going to be the first one we teach next. These friends weren't his normal friends that's the hard part.