Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Well...lets see bad news for the week, I'm starting to develop a "horse laugh." Like yours, (talking about his Dad) its soo horrible hahahahaha. April Wabeke, we haven't gave her a baptismal date yet, its gonna take longer than expected, she accepted baptism but not a date yet. Tomide, could use to be on the prayer roles. He came to us with a problem last Saturday and we haven't heard from him sense. We are really worried about him. He is usually always home and we have knocked on his door for 6 days in a row now and no answer. It's really hard trying to find new things to eat, especially for lunch and dinner. I have plenty of ideas for breakfast. We have a less active that wants to return to the church again. He is gay, but no longer active.  He was in the church but an "active" gay. So Pres. Jones said that he can't take the sacrament; got offended and stopped coming. Later things happened, and we heard he was interested in the church again. We went and talked to him and said, "what can we do to help you." He said, "help me get back to church." My heart was like "HECK YEAH!!!!!" I'm glad to have someone that actually wants to change their life. Unlike the "stiffnecked, hard hearted Minnesotan's."So we are going to try to bring the spirit to ever lesson and help him to have it back in his life. The elders love the HI Chews. I give them all to them, except the strawberries, and they were all instantly gone hahaha. Me and Elder Kidman are doing alright this week. I just remind myself not to say anything and agree with everything that he says even when he is 100% wrong. It's soo crazy ive been out for 3 months and that it is already the 2 week in the transfer.
Elder Ashcroft