Friday, January 16, 2015


A lot happened this week!
Saturday we got transfer calls. Both Elder Curtis and I got transferred. The area we were in is being White Washed. On Sunday we said some goodbyes, but Monday we went down to the Bartlett's and spent all day there before saying good bye to them and heading back home to pack. 
On Tuesday we drove up to a town the transfer train where we waited for the to be picked up. While on the train I taught the owner of a company about the priesthood.
On Wednesday I got my new companion Elder Newman. A lady, named Pauline Matthews, called the Elders earlier that morning and asked if they could come and shovel her sidewalk. She is an older lady and could use our help. Before we left her place we set up a time to come back on Saturday to teach her. 
On Thursday we were stuck inside our apartment all day, and could not leave. As missionaries we have a rule that if the weather is minus 30 degrees with or without windchill we are not allowed to go outside because it is very dangerous to be out in! 
On Saturday we were able to teach Pauline she used to be a Methodist then decided to go her own way. She believes in the Godhead a very different way. It was an alright lesson. My companion has only been out for 6 months so I will be helping him teach the lessons! Saturday night we had a lady that called and asked for a Priesthood Blessing this was the first time that I have ever been called at 10:00 at night to give a blessing but hey atleast I got to use my "Emergency Tie"! 
After church on Sunday we got to go teach a Less Active Lady and her nonmember friend a lesson.
We are already off to a great start here and I look forward to finishing my mission here with a "BANG"!!!

Elder Ashcroft