Wednesday, June 4, 2014


We were supposed to proselyte on Monday but due to it being Memorial Day we went to the Cook's for dinner. While we were over there it all of a sudden started hailing really bad. The hail was as large as a marble. A tornado touched down that same day and destroyed a members trailer. The Cooks invited them to spend the night at there house. Then Tuesday morning, even though it was Pday, we went and helped the Dewitts gather anything that was salvageable after the tornado. Surprisingly they were able to save quiet a bit. Thankfully no one was killed in the tornado. There were only 3 injured but last report was they are doing well. After all that mess, Wednesday, we went over and did a baptismal interview simulation with Kaleb and Claira. This is done so they would know what it was going to be like and what they needed to review before their interview on Friday. Thursday we watched The Restoration with Gary at the Kelly's. It love being able to go around and hear all the thoughts and feelings. Listening to what stuck out to them, in a way, allows us to look into their heart and mind. On Friday after District Meeting we had exchanges. I was in Killdeer with Elder Chugg so Elder Goodwin could go perform the Baptismal Interview in Watford City. We switched back Saturday for the baptism. It was good to see Kaleb and Claira's Aunt and cousins, who are non members, even took the time to come down and support them. I really think the baptism softened Bro. Nelson's heart. Hopefully enough he might want to take the lessons again. That way he and his family can work on being sealed together. Melissa, their aunt seemed like she is opening up to learning as well! All around the baptism was a great experience for everyone!